Kids Love The Untz Untz
7 February:
Kids Love The Untz Untz, Chitty Chitty Bang Gang´s new album in stores NOW!!
Ny skive!
29 November:
Debut plate fra Roger Græsberg & The Anti-Music Bonanza, kjøp Field Recordings For Lovers på platekompaniet nå!
Last Christmas
15 December:
Get in the christmas groove with Nomber 5s' cover version of Last Christmas. It was actually recorded last christmas. Download HERE
Kjøp cd på platekompaniet
12 December:
LoFiMan, Ingeborg Selnes og Nomber 5s
New albums
29 November:
Ingeborg Selnes is finished recording a new album. It will be released in the spring. LoFiMan is soon finished with his new album as well!


7 February,
Chitty Chitty Bang Gang 15.30-16.0
Weekday, Oslo

11 March,
Agent Cooper+Friends of the Dude
Gloria Flames

24 March,
Chitty Chitty Bang Gang+Moi
John Dee, Oslo

15 April,
Nomber 5s+Monzano+Youth Picture..

Chitty chitty bang gang
Kids love the untz untz
7. Feb 2011

Roger Græsberg & The Anti-Music Bonanza
Field Recordings For Lovers
29. Nov 2010

Ingeborg Selnes
16. Aug 2010

Nomber 5s
If we get it on tape
1. Jun 2009