VICE MAGAZINE: Hiawata! are a bit like the older guys who hang around teenage beach parties, all cute and affectionate and predatory at the same time. First, they get you warm and snuggly with their mellow guitars, soft voices and rampant use of exclamation marks. Then, just as you’re starting to feel relaxed, they hit you on the back of the head with a Quaalude and the vaguest suggestion of bestiality. In real life they’re the dreg of society, but in music I’m actually kind of taking to it! ELLIE FENTE

IT'S A TRAP: 7/10. This light, energetic release from Hiawata! is nothing if not fun and to the point. Layered harmonies and a love of percussion are noticeable throughout, and the whole thing is over sooner than expected. The premature ending is a shame too, as the songs sparkle with personality and humor. Kicking off with the gentle and energetic "Love you like an animal", the "Blacks on blondes" EP plays darker lyrical themes with dismissive, upbeat sounds. With convincing vocals and a bluesy rock feel, it could form the basis of a soundtrack to a coming-of-age surf movie set in the 80s. "Shake it off" is the final and stand-out track of this entirely too-short EP, leaving you wondering what else these boys could do if they were only given the chance. RHIANNON ELSTON

75 OR LESS: I welcome the '90s revival Hiawata! and a few other bands (Times New Viking, Wet Paint) are ushering in with their imperfect musicianship, bent vocals and inexhaustible energy. The five little songs on Blacks on Blondes remind me of the years before the internet made finding good music so easy, when the only real option was scouring mailorder catalogs and taking inexpensive risks. Their melody-rich guitar-heavy music would have fit nicely between Sebadoh and Built to Spill on mixtapes, and I might have to throw "Good Looks" on one now. - PAUL

BIG DIPPER: Bandet slapp en EP denne uka som er noe av det friskeste og mest fengende vi har hørt på evigheter. Som en perfekt krysning av pop-Jesus & Mary Chain, tidlig Teenage Fanclub og ikke minst Go-betweens. Hiawata! er virkelig et band å bli glade i for alle bankende pophjerter

Tore Løchstøer Hauge
Håkon Hagen
Johan Rogge Lønnechen
Einar Stubhaug
Are Volmért Sørensen