Ingeborg Selnes

Ingeborg Selnes came out of nowhere, and now she's looking to be everywhere. After a couple of years in the electro-pop outfit Harmonica, she was chosen to appear in the Norwegian Zoom/Urort-contest. And that was it. The pink tights and bling-bling necklaces were gone, and in came the classy dresses and pure pop magic. Ingeborg started focusing on her own songs. Backed by her friends and boyfriends in the indieband Nomber5s, she released her debutalbum, 'The Zoo' on Bolibompa Records in May 2008. After a couple of weeks on the albums chart (VG-lista) and playing live on nationwide television (God Morgen Norge), she performed at huge festivals (Øyafestivalen, Parkenfestivalen among others) during the summer of 2008. Ingeborg and her band started focusing on writing new songs. After touring around the country for some time, and writing new tunes, they went into Harrys Gym Studios in january 2009. Together with Bjarne Stensli, (who has worked with bands such as; Lindstrom, Harrys Gym, DeLillos, Ingid Olava and 120 days), they recorded two new songs, which will appear on her new album that will be out in 2009. The two songs, "Open Your Heart" and "Artificial Plan", is so catchy, and so close to pop-perfection, that you're not going to be able to stand still. So, hands up and move around! Have a listen and enjoy yourself.

Ingeborg Selnes
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