Originally a oneman-nightstandband, now evolved to a indiepop-dinosaur. You'll find more and higher-quality mp3's (192 kbs) here and here .
If you want a cd and you live in Oslo, go to the independent records stores "big dipper" or "tiger". If you don't live in Oslo, go to Bolibompa Records myspacepage , or send an email to bolibompa.records 'at' gmail.com. Very nice people indeed, they'll help you out! The same nice people have uploaded the cd to 'last.fm'. What a distribution team!

check out panorama-interview here (in norwegian)

Vocals and guitar:
Einar S.
BackingVocals& Logistics&Twangy guitar:
Andreas M
Martin N.
The human metronome
Standin bassplayer:
Magnus Tøndevold
Outstandin bassplayer:
Republic of Benny Andrè Lund